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Michael Maher is a respected advocate for public education in North Carolina, and a devoted husband and father.

As the son of a railroad worker who attended under resourced public K-12 schools, Maher fully grasped the importance of education when he became a first-generation college student. Less than 10% of his high school class went to college. Because there were teachers throughout his life who had a profound impact on him, Maher chose to become a teacher. As a teacher, Maher knew he would impact the lives of thousands of students.

After teaching high school science in Forsyth and Wake counties, Maher moved to a university career at Saint Augustine’s University, and then to N.C. State University in an administrative role. As the assistant dean of professional education at N.C. State, he was able to work with talented professionals to develop one of the most effective teacher preparation programs in the nation. As a teacher educator, Maher knew he would impact the lives of thousands of teachers who teach thousands of students.

Maher 2020 Vision

Michael Maher plans to hit the ground running as State Superintendent. Learn how he plans to make NC a leader in public education by focusing on strategic priorities that place an emphasis on equity, excellence, and innovation.

Why Choose Maher?

Where does Michael stand on the issues that matter? Get his stance on all the educational hot topics from diversity and inclusion to charter schools, testing and vouchers.

In The News

Support for Maher 2020

The BRS has noted that you are a friend of labor and understand what hard work and a secure future for the American middle class is all about.

Official Endorsement

Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen (BRS)

I’m supporting Maher. P-12 teacher, university educator, policy wonk, and advocate for equity in education. He’s in this race for the right reasons.

Dr. Diana Lys

Assistant Dean

Michael once said to me, “What we do has meaning. What we do matters.” He has heartfelt conviction in education and sees how all the small tasks contribute to a greater whole.

Dr. Alison Winzeler

Alternative Licensure Director, NC State

Simply put, Dr. Michael Maher checks a lot of boxes and I would encourage voters to check his box in the election for State Superintendent.

Rodney Pierce


There is no one more qualified to lead the future of NC's public education system than Michael Maher. He is an exceptional educator.

Dr. Stephen Elrod

Assistant Superintendent of Schools (Ret.)

I value Dr. Maher's commitment to equity and it fills me with hope knowing that we have the opportunity to elect a superintendent with strong values and morals.

Monica Smith

Future Teacher Educator

Michael is a visionary. He can read the landscape and political context in order to anticipate new directions, while also thinking about the implications of implementation.

Dr. Erin Horne

Director of Professional Education, NC State

Micheal Maher sees each individual part of the education system. He knows children, parents, teachers, staff, administration, and legislators must all work together for a better future for NC.

Mildred M. Thomas

K-5 Classroom Teacher (Ret.)