Michael Maher is a respected advocate for public education in North Carolina, and a devoted husband and father.

As the son of a railroad worker who attended under resourced public K-12 schools, Maher fully grasped the importance of education when he became a first-generation college student. Less than 10% of his high school class went to college. Because there were teachers throughout his life who had a profound impact on him, Maher chose to become a teacher. As a teacher, Maher knew he would impact the lives of thousands of students.

After teaching high school science in Forsyth and Wake counties, Maher moved to a university career at Saint Augustine’s University, and then to N.C. State University in an administrative role. As the assistant dean of professional education at N.C. State, he was able to work with talented professionals to develop one of the most effective teacher preparation programs in the nation. As a teacher educator, Maher knew he would impact the lives of thousands of teachers who teach thousands of students.

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