Why choose Michael Maher in 2020?

Each of the candidates will be a strong advocate for education. Only one candidate has the complete skill set and the desire for the actual job – Michael Maher.


  • Assistant Professor in Teacher Education, Saint Augustine’s University
  • Faculty member in the College of Education, N.C. State University
  • Assistant Dean of Professional Education, N.C. State University


  • Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools
  • Wake County Public School System


  • Vice Chair, NC Professional Educator Preparation and Standards Commission
  • Policy Fellow and Senior Fellowships, Institute for Educational Leadership
  • UNC System Educator Preparation Advisory Group


  • President, NC Association of Colleges and Teacher Educators
  • Board of Directors, American Association of Colleges and Teacher Educators
  • Chair, Advisory Council of State Representatives

Want to know more about Michael's professional career and credentials?

Where Maher 2020 Stands

Transparency and Accessibility

Any elected official has an obligation to the public – to those who elected you and to the different stakeholders. Michael is committed to being transparent and accessible.

Charter Schools

We need to have real conversations about what a charter school in North Carolina looks like – take a look at the communities in which charter schools reside and look at the data. Listen to Michael’s thoughts on the quality and quantity of charters.

EVAAS and Testing

Standardized testing is a complicated issue, not only in our state, but across the nation. Michael breaks it down into two parts.


Children in North Carolina are not as prepared as they need to be in order to be successful. How does Michael plan to make effective change around literacy as State Superintendent?


Unfortunately, school safety has become a reality to all of us. North Carolina underinvests in support staff and underprepares school resource officers. Michael wants to change that.

Teacher Pay

Two words: wage competitiveness. Michael explains the research.


Technology in classrooms is not a simple issue, but Michael provides a simple comparison to describe how he views it should be used by teachers.


North Carolina is 1 of 13 states that elects the State Superintendent. It is a partisan race. Education is a non-partisan issue. Michael is willing to look past party labels and differences of opinions to find the best possible solutions for our children.

Diversity and Inclusion

We have a diverse state. The role of the State Superintendent is to represent and advocate for children and teachers across the state. Children throughout North Carolina should have the same opportunities regardless of where they grow up, what they look like or what schools they attend.


Vouchers and charters are not the same thing. Listen why Michael is unequivocally opposed to vouchers.

What is the role of the NC State Superintendent?

The State Superintendent plays two equally important roles – the agency head for the NC Department of Public Instruction and the chief advocate for public schools in North Carolina.

Michael provides an explanation of the NC DPI’s key responsibilities, as well as how the Superintendent collaborates in strategic planning for our public schools.

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