We endeavor to return North Carolina to a leader in public education in the southeast and the nation by focusing on strategic priorities that place an emphasis on EQUITY, EXCELLENCE, and INNOVATION.

Listen to Michael's vision for office:


With a Maher 2020 plan in place, we expect North Carolina to rank in the top 25 by 2025 on key performance metrics.

Top 25 by 2025



We commit to equity by developing a comprehensive plan to address systemic inequity to ensure that the academic failure or success of our children is not predictable based on race or socioeconomic status.

This plan will include policy change and accountability reform that begins with the elimination of school report cards, which assign a letter grade of A-F to a given school based primarily on a limited number of standardized assessments. I propose transitioning from the report card system to a public accountability dashboard, which moves beyond test scores to measures of equity, including access to courses and programs; suspension rates; principal experience; school safety; social emotional learning; and chronic absenteeism.

The data we collect will be used to highlight strengths and identify opportunities and areas of need, so we can focus our resources to improve teaching and learning for all children. Improvements in our system of transparency and accountability are critical to restoring trust in our public school system.  Families need to be confident that our public schools are serving their children.



We commit to excellence by restoring North Carolina as a leader in public education through programs and policies that serve the needs of all children and provide districts and teachers professional autonomy.

Policies focused on excellence call for full funding of our educational system, competitive salaries for all of those who work in education, improved working conditions for educators, and concrete actions to improve our most pressing challenges, including early childhood literacy.

I am committed to taking the necessary steps to improve public education in North Carolina by utilizing my experience and working with others to restore the respect for public education and public educators in our state.



We commit to innovation by working with stakeholders and thought leaders to identify ways to engage in innovation and continuous improvement in North Carolina’s public schools.We must find better strategies for supporting our underperforming districts in North Carolina, while simultaneously building on successful pilot programs throughout our state.

Innovation in practice provides more autonomy for teachers in professional development and license renewal and incorporates the use of microcredentials for further customization. The Department of Public Instruction must support entrepreneurial activities for teachers and students and forge a closer partnership with ApprenticeshipNC to support and build upon existing apprenticeship opportunities for students throughout our state. Innovation includes supporting teachers in new ways, such as the Advanced Teaching Roles pilots, as a state, we must identify promising practices and ways in which teachers can advance in their career and increasing their impact while remaining in the classroom.

The Issues

Where does Maher 2020 stand on the issues that matter? Get his stance on all the educational hot topics from diversity and inclusion to charter schools, testing and vouchers.

The Candidate

Who is Michael Maher? Listen to his story, learn about his career as an educator, and find out why he’s the leader we need to improve public education in North Carolina.

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